What AutoAddUsers can do for you:

AutoAddUsers is targeted towards Windows Network Administrators in the education sector but could work on any network.  It assists NetAdmins with the painstaking task of creating users in an MS Active Directory Environment. What seperates this program from every other account creation tool that I've looked into is auto name generation. It will generate login names for you based on the format you prefer to use on your network. It has 5 prebuilt formats such as [firstname].[lastname] or [firstinitial][lastname], or using the name generation syntax described within the program you can create more custom names such as smithj15. Where this goes a step further is what if John Smith in the class of 2015 already exists on your network and his cousin Joe enrolls and is also class of 2015, you can specify "build" options in the name generation so that Joe gets smithjo15. 

  • Can import names or use name generation
  • Name generation supports build options if name is already in use
  • Passwords can be randomly generated or imported
  • Users can be entered manually or imported via CSV
  • Bulk generic names can be generated as well, ex: guest1, guest2, .....guest499
  • Home directory is created with proper permissions
  • User is created in the desired OU
  • User is made a member of the desired OU
  • Extra data such as an internal ID can be stored in the AD properties
  • Entire process can be configured to run silently in (nightly) batch mode.  This enables schools with high student mobility to never have to worry about creating users again!

granted it does more than just user creation, but I love how one of the relevant ads that almost always pops up below is for an AD Management tool for user creation that "starts" at $495.00 displayed on my free app page