FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q: I added a list of users to the program and set all the options.  The users were created but not using any of my groups/OUs/home drives/etc.  What happened?
A: Starting with v4, the options need to be configured before you add the users.  This is because the options are then saved individually with each user (allowing for different options per user if desired).  If the options are not set when the user is added to the list they are blank.  Just set the options then load the users.

Q: Why am I sometimes getting permission denied errors when running on Vista/Win7/Server 2008 and I'm a domain admin?
A: Most likely due to my favorite MS creation to hate: UAC. Two solutions:
    1)turn off UAC
    2)right click the AutoAddUsers icon and select "run as administrator"

Q: I imported a large file of users but the program errors out but some users appear to be created.  What's up?
A: Open the log file in the program files directory for autoaddusers.  It will show you the last user it created.  Now import the file into autoaddusers again so the names are sorted the same way and see what user is next after the one that succeeded.  That is the problem account.  I plan on adding additional error handling in a future release but most likely the login name to be created contains banned characters.  I recently assisted somebody who had "jsmith???" in a text file and didn't realize it.  You can't have ?'s in AD login names for example.

Q: How long does it take to run?
A: An import file with around 600 names takes 1-2 minutes to load into  the GUI.  During this time the unique login names are being generated.  When you click go, that many names takes around 1-2 minutes to be created in your AD.  During this time the unique CN's are being created.

Q: Does it work on Windows Server 2008 R2?
A: Yes, this program has been used on every version of Active Directory since Windows 2000 up to and including 2008 R2.

Q: Do I need to run it from the server?
A: No, the program can be run from any AD workstation/server in your domain.

Q: How does it know the domain?
A: The domain is determined by the computer account being used.

Q: Can the program be scripted?
A: Yes, included in the install is documentation and a sample file for silent scripted use.

more to come!